Session drumming (Inc. editing).


Session drumming is the perfect choice for you who want organic and good sounding drums with analog character and huge depth. There is lots of virtual drums out there, but none of them can be compared with the unique sound of real, larger than life drums, nor the playing of an experienced drummer.

If your band is missing a real drummer or you want to take your studio project to the next level, I am here to help. I provide well recorded drums with up to 16 analog channels with British preamps and nice quality microphones plus trigger tracks (Kick and snare) if requested.

I can send you the tracks separately (previously edited) or summed in groups or totally mixed in a stereo track.



Edition has become an absolutely necessary part of the record production process. It allows the track to be aligned in perfect tempo making your songs sound as tight as it can, Giving your record that professional touch. 

If you feel like your tracks sound good, but messy or out of tempo, this is the perfect solution for you. Specially if your drummer made some mistakes here and there or the vocals are not sitting well in relation to your songs.



Mixing as most of you already know, is the process where several audio tracks are combined to give life to a song. For me, mixing is the most important and crucial process in audio production, since in this step the whole vibe of a song is in play. Very carefully, through right balancing, automation, filters, dynamic and effects, the entire song can be manipulated in order to achieve the expected aura. If you have already recorded your tracks, but are not satisfied with the mix or have not yet decided what to sound like, just send me your tracks and give me some references and I will make your songs cut through. This also apply if you want to re-mix some older stuff that never made you feel proud.



Mastering is the final step where the whole mixing is affected through simple, yet advanced processes to lift it up to its highest, towards your desired sound. If you already have mixed your work but the sound is a bit weak, boxy, thin or simply there is something missing, just send me your final mix and I will provide you with three different mastering for you to choose.

Track restoration/Enhancing


Track restoration is something I used to do a lot before, but I still consider doing just to help people who badly want to promote old material or badly recorded songs.

With help of the right tools and a simple mastering (included in the pack), I bring those dirty tracks to new life.

Analog Summing

Analog summing is the action of importing your digital mix down or groups into an analog mixing desk where a final mix or groups are exported from there with that warm, dark and 100% analog sound that everyone loves.

This will suit you perfectly if your tracks were mixed on the box and are lacking this thick analog vibe, Send me your final mix or mix groups and I will get rid of that thin and sterile sound for good.



Re-amping is the service I invite, to enhance your guitar or bass tracks that were lacking a real amplifier or were poorly recorded, in order to give them the vibe that was missing from the beginning. This service is perfect for you who want that huge Hi gain sound, but have not the possibilities to record with monster amps at high volume, or if you just do not like virtual amps. Send me your guitar/bass tracks (preferably through D. I. box) and what you will get will blow you away. I guarantee you that. 

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